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We will provide a customized venue choice lists, including the venue details, cost, catering options, and why we think it’s a great choice given what you’re looking for.


We will provide beautiful floral arrangements for your finest hotels, events, weddings and more. NWT can help you create your dream atmosphere by floral design and arrangement.


Music is a key to set the mood for the entire event and highlights certain moments. Choose your music tests and contact our music expert to find the perfect Music for your event


We will provide very talented photographer who capture all the moments of your day. What will you memorize and show to your friends after the Event


Confirm the Timeline
Provide free monthly check-up and rehearsal service. We will take care of everything: from cards setup to guest guidance, an emergency kit if requested.


Our goal is to provide your event with the wow factor you’re looking for,menus combining the best of Indian, Mughlai to very interesting Fusion Cuisines on Offer.


Wedding preparations are not your beloved one’s territory alone. This means, there is absolutely no reason for you to not go that extra mile. After all, you’ve got to have the spotlight too.

Special Effect

we offer to our clients with a quality approved Fire Cracker. The offered cracker is processed under the guidance of our skilled professionals. Highly used in various celebrating and festive parties,


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